MIRACLE TEA FOR LIFE by Snack Up have unique ways in tea-making.


Let us share with you how we make Soursop / Graviola Tea.

1. We have farmed the Graviola Tree and let them have FRUIT for ONCE.

2. NO FLOWERS and FRUITS are allowed to grow aftewards. Only FOCUS on LEAVES growing for tea-making.

3. Only HARVESTING leaves based on right TIME and COLOURS.

4. All the leaves will be RINSED by using continous running of natural water.

5. All the leaves will be FAN-DRIED based on double housing technology to keep LOW MOISTURE and leave NUTRIENTS in sleeping mode. 

6. STONE-GRIND those fan-dried leaves into fine powder according to RIGHT QUANTITIES OF PRODUCTION.

7. Put those powder into NATURAL PAPER TEA BAG.

8. NUTRIENTS will be activated by using HOT WATER.


Prevention: 1 tea bag per serve.
Treatment: 2-3 tea bag per serve.
Drink tea while is warm.

If possible, Please keep them in the thermal flask and refill few times of hot water until there is no taste of tea. DO NOT BOIL THEM.

One tea bag is consist of more than one leaf (flower buds) and it has been STONE-GRINDED into powder. STONE-GRINDED method is adapted from Japanese way in making Green Tea (Matcha).

There are no restrictions on drinking herbs with Western or Chinese medicine. However, if you are not comfortable, please avoid consume them before or after around half to one hour.

Alternative self-healing from using herbs requires commitment, consistency and time. By continuous consume herbs, our body and system can repair, restore and rejuvenate our health and wellbeing.

Thank you for trusting Herbs for Life by Snack UP.

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